Car Insurance Broker vs Direct Insurer

Car Insurance Broker

Many people, who decide to shop for vehicle insurance on their own, are usually not well versed in the ins and outs of auto insurance. And that is why millions of people prefer to shop for a coverage plan with the help of a car insurance broker. Basically, a broker is a middleman, who knows the car insurance business, and who is morally and legally obliged to explain you all the details associated with your policy and inform you in case if your policy had been changed. Many choose to become insurance brokers, because they receive a great satisfaction from helping others!

What are the Advantages?

Personal Touch When you are dealing with an auto insurance broker, you may be able to schedule a meeting so that you and your broker may sit down and discuss all your insurance needs. And, if you’d rather do a face-to-face business, and have someone reliable who you can call and discuss any questions or problems related to your insurance, then this may be the way to go, since their job is not over once the policy is sold.

  • Expert Advice
  • Since auto insurance brokers usually deal with a number of car insurance agencies, they know different ways to save you money with various discounts offered by many different companies. A knowledgeable broker is able to give you expert advice in choosing a policy that suits your needs and your budget.
  • Independency
  • Many brokers are independent marketers - they are able to compare rates and give you quotes from a wide variety of car insurance companies.
  • Online Assistance
  • Many brokers are now extending their services online. By visiting insurance broker’s website, you will be able to get a free online quote, compare rates, and much more.
  • Get rid of all the hard work
  • All the hard work will be done for you by a broker. You won’t have to worry about the following: getting comparative quotes, registering claims, keeping an eye on a claim to be sure that it goes through smoothly and making sure that your premium remains competitive. You don’t have to ask him to do it for you – a good broker always does all this without waiting on a request from his/her client.
  • Client is the Boss
  • Since the insurance broker is independent from the insurer, it means that he does not work for the insurer, but instead, he works for YOU. Should there be a problem between you and the insurer, he will always stand up for you!

Direct Auto Insurance

Thanks to their advanced call centers, you can get an instant and convenient quote. You can also get a free quote online. However, the operators can’t provide you with a comparative insurance quote since they work for only one insurance company.

No need for filling out of forms. All information that you provide will be recorded. As soon as you start giving the information to the insurer, it would be the starting point of a binding contract. So, make sure that the information given is correct and that any relevant information hadn’t been withheld.

Direct insurers boast that they can offer cheap car or property insurance. But in reality it is not always true. Just remember that the cash they save on broker commissions is spent toward their advertising campaigns. Whether to choose a car insurance broker or go with a direct insurer is a personal preference, but, cutting out the middleman might not always be the best option – it is best to have someone who is independent and with the experience.