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Insurance Sniper – insurance careers opportunities for brokers and agents!

Take your Insurance Careers to the Next Level

The goal of the Insurance Sniper project is to provide brokers and agents with advanced insurance career capabilities.

Insurance Sniper – what is it?

First of all, it is a huge social network site, specifically designed for insurance brokers and agents alike, and as well as for their clients too. We are here to make your insurance career grow by giving you a selection of advanced technologies, a wide coverage of the targeted audience and the best of its kind of insurance agents and brokers. To make the pursuit of your insurance agent careers even easier, we want to provide you with a powerful tool.

With it you will be able to find new customers with ease and recruit new members to create a reliable and united team of professionals to work together more effectively. With the help of Insurance Careers, life insurance agents and auto insurance brokers will have an opportunity to explain their customers the types of coverage they may need, and on the retail side, help them to get that coverage.

Is it Easy to Navigate?

Yes, it is. Insurance Sniper has different sections that help in serving your insurance careers opportunity needs. For example, in a Q&A section (Questions and Answers) all beginner brokers/agents (and their clients too) will be able to ask their questions and receive thorough answers from the experienced specialists. A huge database of knowledge was created with the help of health insurance brokers, risk management specialists, agents and also by simple customers. It will be able to explain in details all the aspects of organizational legal forms, state laws in the field of property insurance, life, health and business insurance.

In the section Latest News, users will be able to find the latest news related to risk insurance. In the Research section of a site, anyone (whether you are a broker, an agent or a client) will be given an opportunity to conduct a research and be able to take a role as an organizer.

Additional useful capabilities

After registering, clients and as well as brokers and agents, will be able to load training Videos, Video tips and Instructions, while others will have an opportunity to learn by picking the material that suits their needs. In the Blog section of a site, users are given the opportunity to share their experiences in the field of insurance. In the Forum section of a site, the Insurance Sniper’s Internet community will be able to discuss all the questions related to the insurance needs, and especially the ways of attracting new clients and the reviews of various forms of insurance protection policies.

For those people who have their personal blog, they will have the ability to add the RSS feed to it, and also read their favorite and interesting information with the help of the built-in RSS reader. Our online tools allow the placement of advertisements within a short period of time and achieve maximum benefit from them, because our network clients are most receptive to purchasing. Place your advertisement on our site, and make a unique offer to your clients!

Please note that the classical concept of buying insurance policies is still working and will continue to work for years to come, but the development of the Internet at the present time is able to meet the needs of promoting and selling all types of insurance in the most efficient way.

Since 2006 we are helping thousands of those who started their insurance broker career to successfully retain their customers, which they have worked so hard in order to get, as well as acquire new ones while maintaining a professional relationship. Let’s make insurance careers together!